Ultimate Shark Diving experience!!

Come and join us on one of South Africa’s most popular adventures – great white shark cage diving!

We will take you to meet one of nature’s most feared apex predators – the Great White Shark – in the Shark Capital of the World!

Shark Cage Diving – an awesome experience!

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie ticking off another experience on your bucket-list or planning a special family outing, we aim to give you the most exciting day of your life when you choose to come Shark Cage Diving with White Shark Safaris!

It is our privilege to be able to offer you the opportunity to view and dive with Great White Sharks in a safe and professional environment and have lots of FUN at the same time!

White Shark Safaris is based in Kleinbaai (Van Dyk’s Bay) – the Great White Shark Capital of the World – and is a mere 2 hours’ drive from the city of Cape Town, South Africa.

this little town is able to offer some of the world’s best boat and shore based whale watching and unquestionably the world’s best white shark diving…….

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