White Shark Breaching Trip


The best place in the world to witness the spectacular phenomenon of the Great White Shark breaching (jumping into the air) is 30km south of Cape Town at Seal Island in False Bay. Scientists have acknowledged that the breaching behaviour of the Great White Shark occurs here more frequently than anywhere else along the South African coastline.  This is due, mostly, to the ideal topographical structure around the island, which allows for stealth and attack.

This is Great White Shark viewing, in its most natural form and habitat, on the hunt.  It is fascinating to watch, and you can observe how the Great White Shark flies out of the water after its prey.  It is an unforgettable sight, and is great photography if you are able to capture the moment.

We can achieve a similar effect with a decoy cut out in the shape of a seal, which is towed slowly behind the boat.  Sometimes a shark will grab the decoy within minutes, and other times it is completely uninterested in the decoy.


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